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Search Engine Optimization Services

basic SEO


Great if you're just starting out and want to show up for a few keywords

  • Basic SEO setup

  • 3 site keywords

  • Alt-tagging for photos

  • URL slug optimization

  • Google Search Console Guidance

  • SEO for up to 8 pages

Classic SEO


Perfect for clients looking for larger exposure and site traffic for multiple keywords

  • Basic SEO setup

  • 3 site keywords

  • Alt-tagging for photos

  • URL slug optimization

  • Connect to Google Analytics

  • Google Search Console Guidance

  • 301 redirects

  • Mobile search optimization

  • SEO for up to 15 pages

Website maintenance

$200 / month

Best if you need long-term website updating and want to continuously rank high

  • Everything that is included in Classic SEO Package

  • Continuous Monthly SEO

  • 2 free hours of updates

  • Web Traffic Monitoring + Reporting

  • Website Guidance

Website Maintenance

* Pricing is subject to change and may increase or decrease based on the needs and uniqueness of each project.

SEO services for start-ups
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Why seo is important


The majority of visitors to websites come from the major commercial search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo!). If these search engines cannot find your website or specific pages on your site, then they aren’t able to index it for the world to see. When this happens, you’re sacrificing potentially thousands of visitors that could be buying from you or learning more about what you offer. To fix this, you need to focus on SEO tactics to improve your sites visibility and land in the top search results for your niche. SEO can lead to dramatic improvements in site traffic over time when done right, leading to a positive customer journey and increased brand awareness.

how wix helps your seo


Wix has powerful tools to increase your visibility online. The hard part is understanding how the algorithms of Google, Bing, and Yahoo! work and then marrying that knowledge with the proper settings on each page. Wix includes tools to rank for specific keywords on your site overall, gives options to add alt-tags to pictures, change URL slugs, incorporate 301 redirects, and add al-important H1 and H2 tags. This can sound like a lot at first, but when done correctly, search engines will be able to find exactly what you want them to and more unique visitors will start coming to your Wix website.

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