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About Zac Andrus

Hi, I'm zac


I create beautiful websites for small businesses and individuals. To me, the internet is a blank canvas just waiting for your brand's splash of color to make its impact on the world. I’ve worked with small businesses, personal brands, online shop owners, and bloggers to help bring their story to life and I want to help you next!

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why work with me?

Personal website help


I will truly get to know you and your needs before starting a project. When you work with me, you can be confident that I will listen and have your best interests in mind.

Reliable website freelancer


I've worked with small businesses and personal brands in all forms. I take pride in always delivering my projects on time and with high quality. To see what others have said, check out my reviews

Creative website freelancer


I enjoy finding ways to bring a new understanding of concepts to others. Whether that’s through websites, videos, or graphics, I’m always finding new ways to help tell your story.

professional background


  1. Bachelor of Commerce Degree

    • University of Victoria​

  2. Master of Global Business

    • Canada -> Netherlands -> Peru​

  3. Marketing & Campus Engagement Officer

    • University of Victoria

  4. Co-Founder of Small Business

  5. Senior Coordinator of Digital Services

    • Sport for Life

  6. VP of Marketing & Digital Media

    • Origen Air​

  7. Website Designer

    • Zac Andrus Creative​

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Zac Andrus Hobbies_edited.png



Outside of designing websites, I also enjoy hiking, biking, and pretty much anything outdoors! I’m a big believer in protecting the environment and also love traveling. From hiking around the globe to discovering new cultures and environments, I always seem to have nature at the center of my activities. 

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